GOT CAKE??? Featuring Crumb de la Crumb cakes!!!

I have always been intrigued by unique things, and I love personalizing titems to give them your own touch! Since I am also getting married soon, my fiance' and I have been picking out awesome vendors and getting to meet some wonderful people! We went down our wedding list of "to do's" and realized the next step was picking out a cake! With so many great vendors to chose from, it was hard to know where to start... Since we are getting married on the coast on NC, we realized that it would have to be a vendor that was located down there. I called around and asked who people recommended and I was given the name "Crumb De La Crumb" several times! I went online to check them out and realized that they have a branch here in Nashville TN as well as NC!!! We were thrilled! We made an appointment for cake tasting and also asked Kristyn Hogan , a photographer to capture the moment! She is an awesome photographer in the Nashville Area and I thank her for coming out and taking this unique photo op! We all had a chance to taste the cakes that Crumb de la Crumb has made for us, and were blown away by the flavors! They have flavors that they add to the cake called "Infusions." Infused cakes are marinated in the flavor of your choice to enhance flavor and moistness. I am telling you, these flavors take your cake to another level! We decided they were the vendors for us! 
After we decided what flavors to pick (yeah...we picked 4 different flavors, it was too hard to choose!), we wanted to talk about the design! We wanted to be unique and have a cake that would truly stand out! We decided that we would have a cake that was themed around the both of us! Grant likes hunting, I like Fishing, Grant is from Nebraska, I'm from North Carolina, and we wanted a little bit of both represented in a cake! We are so excited that Crumb de la Crumb is going to make this truly unique cake for us!
If you are looking for a cake, you must check them out! My mouth is now watering from thinking back on how moist and delicious there cakes are!!

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