Crumb De La Crumb "takes the cake!"

Just the mere mention of Cake gets me drooling!! I have had the pleasure of tasting many cakes and tasty treats in my life time, but nothing truly “takes the cake” like Crumb De La Crumb! They are a creative cake company serving the middle Tennessee area.  Crumb De La Crumb specializes in contemporary design, but can easily create any cake you have in mind. With this being said, I came to Lorie the owner with a drawing my husband and I came up with for our cake back in March. You may reflect back on our blog post featuring our consultation with them, as we had a cake tasting and consultation.  Well since then, our wedding was in July and our vision of the perfect wedding cake came to life!
As you can see, there was nothing traditional about this wedding cake! To give you a little background of why we chose this design, we wanted the cake to reflect the story of us as a couple. I am originally from NC, and my husband is from NE, we wanted to mix the two states together, displaying our favorite interests, and combining it into one awesome landscape cake! I also had to test the skills of Crumb de La Crumb, and can see they exceeded my expectations!
It may come as a shock to some of you, but one of my passions besides sewing and designing is fishing! Since I am from NC, the beach was a big part of my life, and my favorite past times always had to do with the beach & water in some form or fashion. this half of the cake showed a figure of me fishing in the ocean, reeling in a big fish, and shows grant my husband help pulling me back so the fish doesn't get away. (there was a fish sticking out of the end of the cake, but you cannot see it in the photo)

 this was the other half of the cake, displaying Nebraka, and my husbands favorite past time, hunting! Believe it or not, he has taken me on several hunting trips, and displayed on the cake is pheasant hunting.
In this picture, you can see the skills that Crumb De La Crumb have! we had them make little pheasants, turkeys, deer, and a little replica of our dog running in the field!
It may be true that we first taste with our eyes, but the taste buds deserve a treat as well! Crumb De La Crumbs cakes are not only a joy to look at, they are a pleasure to devour!  It was so hard to decide which cake flavor we liked best, that we picked 4 different kinds to consume! There cakes are so moist; it just melts in your mouth!  We had all 4 kinds of cakes “infused” and marinated in flavor to enhance taste and moistness. We chose chocolate-raspberry, key-lime, chocolate- ganache, and dolce de leche!
So to sum it all up,....Crumb De La Crumb takes the cake!!! check out there site, they have amazing cakes pictured, there designing and creativity is limitless....

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